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We are a creative design community


- Mrs. Shaina (Siraj Residence)

"Mr. Alex delivers more than he promises. Visitors look at our house in complete admiration and awe. Thanks to Mr. Alex Jacob for designing our abode."


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Alex Jacob Architect is a multidisciplinary architectural and interior design firm based in Bangalore, India. It was started in the year 1992 by Mr. Alex Jacob after working for eminent architects such as VK Giridhar and Charles Correa. He also developed the art of designing tight spaces after working in Hiroshima, Japan for a brief period.

Our work is characterized by our endeavour for excellence in both design and the follow up in execution of work to exacting standards. The clients requirement and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal in any project. 

Our designs create a cohesive color and texture palette with an aura of warmth along with unparalleled opulence. There is a peculiar manner in which our designs harmonize the aesthetics, luxury, sustainability and almost a celebration of the context in which they are set; are a pivotal source of inspiration to the emerging architects of this modern India.

A deep rooted respect for nature manifests itself in all our Architectural work. Water and landscape form a recurring theme and there is a conscious effort to increase the green cover. Our design expressions are an amalgamation of various influences, however the climatological and cultural factors of India dominate in residential work. Greater emphasis is laid by man’s interaction with his internal spaces. The accent is on creating pleasing orderly buildings with creative use of materials.

We offer Architectural, Interior solutions, landscape design, furniture designs, etc. 

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