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Area -  6500 Sq ft

In the premise that the built space will encapsulate nature with all its elements forming little pockets of visual and sensory delight. In a small site, keeping the floor plate on ground level minimal allows for a small landscaped entrance court, where landscape and water create an ambience and a setting for more to follow


We look at a residence from its utilitarian angle, where the public spaces such as living, dining and kitchen are kept largely open, whilst interacting with a double-height space that is topped off with a skylight with a meshed area to release trapped hot air, a largish water body and large windows that overlook a patch of greenery that screens the residents from the prying eyes of immediate neighbours. We have now set the space for abundant natural light and ventilation, whilst taking care to shield from the harsh sunlight. The visibility down to the entrance court completes the panorama. Opulence in furniture and finishes complete the picture.

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